Critics aren’t exactly jumping out of their seats to laud the reptilian animation in the new Samuel L. Jackson film Snakes on a Plane but shares that it’s this animation that keeps people on the edge of their seats in this horror flick. Although over 400 live snakes were actually used in filming, “‘snakes on a set’ don’t move around a lot and are kind of quiet,” said Philippe Theroux, 3-D supervisor for Quebec’s Hybride Technologies Inc.. The company, which also worked on Sin City and all three Spy Kids movies dedicated a team of more than 80 people to create more than nine different types of unrealistically vicious, fast, and long-fanged snakes for the film, including a few which don’t even really exist. Theroux called the film “way over the edge.” But it’s certainly the over-the-top computerized snakes that give it that edge. “If you go there and you expect to see something serious or something realistic, you’re missing the point.”