b2tn (5k image)An overview of the features found on DisneyToon Studios Bambi 2 (due out Feb. 7 in the U.S. as a direct-to-video title and shortly thereafter in Europe as a theatrical feature) can be viewed here:

bambi2four (15k image) bambi2three (14k image)

bambi2two (22k image) bambi2one (19k image)
Various screen shots

bambi2game (31k image)
Thumper’s Hurry and Scurry Game – This may seem like nothing more than a pedantic game but it does give you a chance to view some digital paintings made for the movie at your own leisurely pace

bambi2sketch (32k image)
Andreas Deja teaches you how to sketch Thumper

bambi2makingof (27k image)
The producers discuss the making of Bambi 2

bambi2trivia (26k image)
After you’ve watched it once, you can watch the movie again with fun facts turned on

bambi2springmenu (38k image)
Springtime menu – Winter menu also available

The storyline of this sequel fits neatly in between the end of Chapter 16 and the beginning of Chapter 17 as the chapters are divided on the recent DVD release of the original Bambi. There is a slight overlap when a few very brief lines from the original are repeated at the beginning of the sequel. Also, a character from the original Felix Salten book who did not appear in the original movie appears in the sequel. I have found one “Easter egg” so far but it’s not like any other Easter egg I’ve encountered before.

Official Site – Now contains 11 minutes of animated selections.