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Blu-ray box art revealed for Disney titles

Ultimate Disney has the cover artwork for four of Disney’s upcoming tests with the Blu-ray format: Dinosaur, Eight Below, The Haunted Mansion and Glory Road. While Mansion and Road will not hit stores until October 17th, Dinosaur and Below will arrive on September 19th.

Smurf movie still on track for 2008

E! Online via Yahoo! Movies records that a 3-D, computer animated movie featuring the Smurfs is scheduled for a 2008 bow, courtesy of Paramount’s Nickelodeon Movies. Details on the movie’s plot have yet to arrive, as well as word on its cast, although rumors on the latter have been gathering.

Iran updates policies to boost domestic animation

The nation of Iran has made efforts to revise policy in hopes of preserving the animation field in the country and harnessing its “unique potentials.” The Islamic Republic News Agency reveals that in the last three months fourteen animated films have begun production that “focus on various religious, literary and routine issues.” The Center for […]

3D Nightmare

Ain’t It Cool News has the poster created for the coming theatrical release of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in Digital 3D. The film will run in select theaters in October.

\\Monster House\\ opens today

Columbia Pictures’ \\{{link Monster House}}\\ opens wide today in 3,553 theatres according to {{link Box Office Mojo}}. The film is doing fairly well with reviewers, just getting in to a fresh rating of 64% on {{link Rotten Tomatoes}}. Of those who liked the film \\The New York Times\\ calls it a “marvelously […]

Hi-res Arthur & the Invisibles poster

Animated News has acquired a high resolution image of the final teaser poster for Luc Besson’s Arthur & the Invisibles. The one sheet is similar to the film’s prior promotional image, but includes the movie’s newer title, changed from Arthur & the Minimoys. To see the Invisibles poster in hi-res glory, please click “More.” Arthur […]

Monster House roundup

As the movie approaches its nationwide release this Friday, numerous headlines ring with news of Monster House. To help promote the film, young stars Spencer Locke and Sam Lerner speak with, while Nick Canon talks to MTV Movies. Both interviews especially regard the project’s motion-captured animation. MTV likewise has pictures from the Monster House […]

Sarandon's Enchanted photos

Just Jared has captured photos of Susan Sarandon in full costume and makeup as Enchanted’s evil Queen Narissa. The page also displays a few more pictures of Amy Adams as Princess Giselle, shown with a parade of costumed characters.

Slater, Buscemi and Cleese meet Igor

Exodus Film Group informs that Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi and John Cleese will lend their voices to the CGI comedy Igor. While Slater will voice the title part, Buscemi has the role of Scamper, “a super intelligent and ill-tempered lab rabbit.” Cleese will give a voice to Dr. Glickenstein, the evil master of Igor. More […]

Movie tie-in games becoming higher quality?

The Washington Post notices that the quality of video game tie-ins to movies appears to be receiving more attention from studios than in past years. Animated films mentioned in the composition include: Over the Hedge, Cars, Monster House, and Barnyard.

DVD news: Star Trek: The Animated Series, Thundercats

TV Shows on DVD sends the news that in addition to the previously-noted extras, the Star Trek: The Animated Series DVD set will contain commentaries and interviews from numerous folks involved in the production of the show. Likewise, the site has discovered an online trailer for Thundercats: Season 2, Volume 2, revealing the box art […]

Behind the scenes of Open Season

Moviefone offers a behind-the-scenes featurette for Sony Pictures Animation’s Open Season. The movie will open in theaters on September 29th.

Early buzz on Bee Movie

The Animation Guild Blog summarizes an encounter with an artist from DreamWorks’ Bee Movie, who had recently seen an early version of the picture. The artist found himself “very pleasantly surprised” by the film, commenting on the “very funny” humor Jerry Seinfeld produced. Bee Movie will fly into theaters on November 2, 2007.

Styling animated hair

Steve Marschner, the assistant professor of computer science at Cornell University, and Cornell graduate student Jonathan Moon have developed a way to make CGI light-colored hair more realistic, writes Physorg. The research will be presented at the 2006 SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference in Boston, from July 30th to August 3rd.

Second Flushed Away trailer online

At a running time of 2 minutes and 16 seconds, the second trailer for the DreamWorks/Aardman production Flushed Away is now online at Moviefone. The film is scheduled for a November 3rd release.

Ultimate Avengers 2 panel at the Con

At this year’s Comic-Con, the Avengers will once again Assemble — this time, at the world fan premiere screening of Lionsgate and Marvel Studios’ highly-anticipated film, Ultimate Avengers 2. The event will begin at 7pm on Friday, July 21st with a Q&A with some of the voice and behind-the-scenes talent from the film (panel participants […]

Brother Bear 2 official site launch

Disney has recently launched the official website for Brother Bear 2. The site features a picture gallery, computer downloads, games and activities, and more. The trailer is also available with several clips from the movie to be added soon.

Classic characters to run marathon with Boomerang

Boomerang, the television channel dedicated to serving classic cartoons, is preparing a 10-day marathon, in which 10 cartoon characters will receive special focus. Personalities to be celebrated during the event include: Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers, The Pink Panther, Tom of the Tom & Jerry cartoons, Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory, Lu of Mike, Lu & […]

"A Soundtrack Darkly"

An official announcement concerning the soundtrack to Richard Linklater’s latest project, A Scanner Darkly, has been released. To read the press letter for the album, which entered stores June 27th, one needs to only click:

Monster House clips, concept art; Director Kenan interview, profile

With Latino Review, director Gil Kenan talks about his first feature film, Monster House. The interview scans such topics as working with the same technology found in The Polar Express and collecting the film’s cast. Speaking of Kenan, The Los Angeles Times profiles the 29-year-old director, looking at his past and the films that influenced […]

TMNT trailer to be attached to Ant Bully

IGN FilmForce delivers the news that the official title for next year’s computer animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is now the abbreviation TMNT. According to Superhero Hype!, the movie’s trailer should be attached to fellow Warner Bros. film The Ant Bully, although it will likely debut at 2pm this Thursday at Comic-Con.

Ant Bully contest, pics

A “handful of readers” now have the chance to win several goodies inspired by Warner Bros.’ The Ant Bully, entering theaters July 28th. Details on how to enter the contest may be found here. In other Ant Bully news, Latino Review has numerous new pictures regarding the flik, including poster artwork without text.

U.S. weekend box office actuals: July 14-16, 2006

Courtesy of Box Office Mojo: 1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with $62,345,264, averaging $15,084 over 4,133 theaters ($258,364,766; 2nd week) 4. Superman Returns with $12,288,317, averaging $3,263 over 3,765 theaters ($164,316,103 total; 3rd week) 6. Cars with $7,840,985, averaging $2,611 over 3,003 theaters ($220,001,446 total; 6th week) 10. A Scanner Darkly with […]

Cars preliminary cover art and release date

Ultimate Disney has acquired the preliminary cover art for the DVD to Disney/Pixar’s summer hit Cars. The DVD is expected to race into stores on November 7th.

DVD news: Star Trek: The Animated Series, Teen Titans

TV Shows on DVD has the finalized packaging for the Star Trek: The Animated Series DVD, which is quite different than the preliminary artwork revealed last May. Likewise, the site’s announcement contains a list of bonus features fans can expect the set to offer. The Trek will begin November 21st. In other television-related DVD news, […]

Disney unveils first line of Blu-ray titles

Home Media Retailing has the scoop that among Disney’s first line of Blu-ray titles, Dinosaur will be released. It, along with Eight Below, is joining Miramax Films’ Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and The Great Raid for a September 19th due date. Meanwhile, October 17th will find the Blu-ray releases of Glory Road and […]

El Capitan animation happenings

Originally slated to run through August 4 the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest engagement at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre has been extended to September 4 with the whole theatre decked out in a pirate theme and featuring actual props from the successful franchise of films. Following that, The Little Mermaid, the film that […]

John Kricfalusi vs. Warner Bros. on You Tube

The Hollywood Reporter, through AWN, writes of Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi’s feud with Warner Bros., as the acclaimed animator declares, “Warner Bros. Cartoons hates their fans.” The remark comes following You Tube’s removal of several Warner Bros. cartoon clips, a move demanded by the studio. Posted by Kricfalusi, the clips were used by […]

Clips: Monster House

Movie clips from Monster House are online at Yahoo! Movies. Scheduled for a wide release next weekend, the film entered 702 theaters yesterday.

Class of 3000 set for November debut on Cartoon Network

AWN posts the press release for André 3000’s Class of 3000, a new primetime half-hour animated series, created and executive produced by André Benjamin (OutKast) and Tom Lynch (Romeo!). Readying for a November premiere, the show revolves around “a group of musically-gifted kids and an unlikely visitor named Sunny Bridges who brings sunshine to their […]