Month: May 2006 – page 2

Little Mermaid costume/movement lab scheduled for June

A one-week costume/movement lab for the stage version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid will be held in London, June 15 – 22. A spokesperson for the Disney production confirmed to Playbill that “six London-based performers who have previously worked with choreographer Stephen Mear will be involved in the lab.” With a book from Doug Wright […]

Dog learning new tricks, Clements and Musker working by hand-drawn

The Animation Guild Blog writes that Chris Sanders is collaborating with Disney’s “new animation chiefs” to retool his latest film, American Dog, although the extent of changes being made is not mentioned. The blog also observes that directors Ron Clements and John Musker are now active on a new short employing hand-drawn animation.

Hatcher to voice Coraline mother

The Hollywood Reporter, via Coming Soon, indicates that Teri Hatcher has joined the cast of Coraline. The project is described as such: “The young Coraline steps into a world that appears to be a much better version of her own reality, but when her artificial parents attempt to keep her there forever, she must escape […]

Next year to bring Extra Pixar short?

Upcoming Pixar points to Pixar’s Wikipedia page, where it is listed that in 2007, Pixar will unveil a new short film, The Extra. The only detail found thus far for the project is, “Odds are, this will be released with the Ratatouille DVD.”

More Minimoys

While the first adventure will not hit theaters until this December, French director Luc Besson is already planning two sequels to the computer animated/live action film Arthur and the Minimoys. Distributing Minimoys in all English-speaking territories, The Weinstein Co. is likewise rumored to have an option in acquiring rights on these next two chapters, which […]

Monster House receives "PG" rating, "PG-13" warning

The official website for Sony Pictures Animation’s Monster House currently showcases an interesting rating box for the creature feature. While the film has been rated “PG,” for “scary images and sequences, thematic elements, some crude humor and brief language,” its rating box displays the “PG-13” suggestion “Parents Strongly Cautioned,” instead of the usual “Parental Guidance […]

Cars Limited Edition Original Soundtrack through Goodyear

Goodyear is offering a limited edition original soundtrack CD to Disney/Pixar’s Cars with a tire purchase. “Purchase a set of four selected Goodyear tires from May 21, 2006 to June 17, 2006 and get the limited-edition Cars Original Soundtrack and up to a $100 cash card.” It is unclear what makes this CD a “Limited […]

\\Over the Hedge\\ opens big, but in second

DreamWorks’ \\Over the Hedge\\ exceeded expectations but couldn’t break \\The Da Vinci Code\\. According to {{link Box Office Mojo}}, \\Over the Hedge\\ took in $37.2 million for a second place finish at the box office.

The Pixaresque tale of John Lasseter

In a highly in-depth article, Fortune takes a close look at the man who brought us both Toy Stories and A Bug’s Life as well as brought one of the most successful and acclaimed animation studios in Hollywood’s history to life. “John Lasseter’s storybook career seems like the plot of one of his movies,” states […]

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Charles Schulz’s lovable loser stars in his first feature film, shown on a sadly understated DVD.

Box artwork: TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, Tick, Pooh

Ultimate Disney has the artwork for TaleSpin – Volume 1 and Darkwing Duck – Volume 1, including each set’s three individual slim cases and the box that houses them. Likewise, the Disney domain showcases box artwork for The Tick – The Belated 10th Anniversary Edition and Pooh’s Anniversary Collection.

Trailer: Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

The full domestic trailer for Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties is currently showing as a “Moviefone Exclusive.” The feline follow-up will enter theaters on June 16th.

Hedge succeeds at box office; Preview entire soundtrack online

Box office estimates for Friday show DreamWorks’ Over the Hedge to be a hit, with the animated comedy coming in a strong second place for the weekend. On Friday, the film collected approximately $10,950,000, according to Box Office Mojo. Thus, Hedge will likely end the weekend with around $36-41 million, as suggested by Box Office […]

Open Season website revised

The official website for Sony Pictures’ Open Season has been renovated. The site now offers brief biographies for the characters Psycho Ducks, a “shell-shocked” group who have been shot at one too many times; Skunks, who present an attitude as nasty as their smell; Porcupine, who is looking for someone to get close to; and […]

Hedge, Cars, Season PEZ dispensers discovered

PEZ dispensers for some of this summer’s hottest movies are on display at Candy Warehouse. Films in the lineup include: Over the Hedge (RJ the Raccoon, Verne the Tortoise, Ozzie the Possum, and Stella the Skunk), Cars (Lightning McQueen, Sally, Doc Hudson, and Mater), and Open Season (Boog, Elliot, Mr. Weenie, and McSquizzy).

Leroy & Stitch storyline update

The page dedicated to Leroy & Stitch at now contains an updated synopsis for the film. “As a reward for rounding up all 625 experiments, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley have been placed around the galaxy in a spot where each of them thinks they truly belong. Their lives are all shook up when […]

Over the Hedge: review, interviews, and production notes

Today (May 19) marks the release of DreamWorks Animation’s computer animated feature film Over the Hedge. With a respectable 64% on the Rotten Tomatoes meter and word that it has tested higher with test audiences than either Shrek film Over the Hedge appears to be in for a good showing at this weekend’s box office. […]

Bay enters new Domain

Director Michael Bay, along with private investment firm Wyndcrest Holdings, in which Bay is a principal, is acquiring the 13-year-old visual effects studio Digital Domain. Past work for the studio includes Titanic and Armageddon. With Digital Doman, Bay is already entertaining the thought of “computer-animated family films,” though he specifies that he would rather serve […]

Belleville's Chomet replaced by Corpse's Johnson

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that The Triplets Of Belleville director Sylvain Chomet {{link has departed}} Universal’s animated adaptation of {{link The Tale of Despereaux}} to work on a more personal project based on an unproduced screenplay by the French master comic Jacques Tati (Mr Hulot’s Holiday). Chomet’s replacement on Universal’s Despereaux is […]

Trailers: Flushed Away, Cars, Barnyard

Coming Soon has the first trailer for Flushed Away, from DreamWorks Animation and Aardman, as noticed by “Wendy’s Jane” at the Animated-News Forum. Humorously, the teaser contains nods toward Wallace & Gromit and Finding Nemo. Meanwhile, the sixth Cars Podcast, “Cars Alter Egos,” has been revealed, with its home likewise being Coming Soon. On a […]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa press release

The official press release for Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa And Other Mouseketales is now at Ultimate Disney. Aside from the title tale, the release will feature two other stories, Mickey Go Seek and Goofy’s Bird. Mickey Saves Santa And Other Mouseketales will hit stores on November 14th.

Thugaboo – Sneaker Madness coming to DVD

The latest animated offering from the Wayans, Thugaboo, will make its DVD premiere this August 29, with Sneaker Madness. DVDtoons has the details and cover artwork for the children’s comedy.

Horse chases Caspian to summer 2008

Reuters reports The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian has been postponed until summer 2008. The follow-up to last December’s $740 million smash hit was scheduled for December 14, 2007, until the similar fantasy The Water Horse, from Columbia Pictures and Walden Media, entered the December 8th slot.

IDT Entertainment finds Liberty

IDT Entertainment, the studio behind the upcoming Everyone’s Hero and Space Chimps, has been bought by Liberty Media Corp, whose assets include the OVC home shopping network and According to the Associated Press, “Under the deal, Englewood, Colo.-based Liberty Media will pay $186 million in cash and all of its equity interest in IDT […]

The Da Vinci Code animated credits

Get a sneak peek at the animated, ambigrammatic opening titles designed for The Da Vinci Code, which opens in theaters on Friday, May 19, but not actually used in the final product.

Flushed Away teaser poster

A new poster for DreamWorks/Aardman’s Flushed Away has been made available at Thanks to Kristin for the heads up.

Over The Hedge garners good critical praise in Cannes

Writing from the Cannes Film Festival, The {{link Hollywood Reporter}} states that DreamWorks’ latest CGI comedy Over The Hedge “is a backyard ecological comedy outfitted with some fine, silly slapstick and clever animal characters. One gets the sense though that the animation team isn’t pushing the edges of their computers the way the Pixar […]

Wallace and Gromit ride for a cause

BBC News reports that Aardman characters Walace and Gromit will soon be riding into the hearts of kids on the Isle of Man as the duo makes a special appearance with Yamaha TT racer Guy Martin to support a children’s charity. “I am delighted to welcome Wallace and Gromit and Guy to the island and […]

Coraline finds new home

Focus Features has struck a deal to take over world rights from Laika Entertainment for the stop-motion animated feature Coraline reports The film about a girl who discovers an alternate version of her life has already attached big names to its cast and crew including Dakota Fanning, Henry Selick, and They Might Be Giants.

Trimming the Hedgelines

Pest control has its hands full as the creatures come out of the woods for interviews leading up to Friday’s release of Over the Hedge. The Daily Collegian takes on Wanda Sykes about her role as a crabby skunk named Stella and the experience of providing a voice for animation. Teen Hollywood also offers a […]