Toronto’s Trace Pictures intends to make its mark at the BDA design awards in New York City later in June. They are finalists in 5 categories including best demo reel. The studio has also swaped shop for a dedicated facility, increasing their work flow. Among the main companies they have created spots and promos for (including HBO, Nickelodeon, TCM and Cartoon Network), the Trace News pages includes lots on recent projects, including downloads of an “animated 1950s-esque sci-fi-zombie-musical”, The Tarleks, and a promo for the Jimmy Neutron TV special Attack Of The Twonkies. For more on Trace’s awards, read their press release here:

Toronto, ON – In business for just two short years, Trace Pictures is making their mark at the 2005 BDA awards in New York City! Justin Stephenson, Creative Director of Trace Pictures, is thrilled with the news. “We put a lot of love into our reel by including animated sequences that carry the viewer through, like a story. Right now, we’re completing an even more ambitious reel. You just can’t beat bunnies doing naughty things to each other”.

In addition to the BDAs, Trace recently won two gold and one silver award at the 2005 Worldfest Houston Film Festival. Trace is also showcasing a new music video, The Tarleks at the Toronto International Short Film Festival this June. The video is an animated sci-fi-zombie-musical featuring WKRP star, Frank Bonner, as Herb Tarlek.

Trace Pictures Swanks Up Shop:

Trace Pictures has just completed renovations to their offices and are now operating shop in swanky new digs. They’ve also upgraded equipment by purchasing a fancy on-line edit suite and a full render farm to meet the demands of HD production. Trisha Emerson, Executive Producer explains; “We have been growing at a steady pace, our client list is expanding and people are beginning to ask us to deliver in HD. In order to continue making great work and meet the demands of our clients, we needed a boost in the equipment room and more space for our artists”.

Along with the changes to their facility, Trace has added to their creative and production staff to accommodate the increased work flow.

About Trace Pictures:

Trace Pictures is a mixed media Animation and Design company that combines 2D, 3D, stop motion, live action and more to create innovative broadcast design and commercial projects. Since opening their doors, Trace has worked with such broadcast clients as OLN, Food Network, HBO, Nickelodeon, Sundance Channel, Fox Sports Net, TSN, Biography Channel, and Cartoon Network. Trace has also been doing work for advertising clients such as Lowe NYC, Stern Advertising, and Ames Scullin O’Hare.

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