According to Fox 411, all is not well with Disney’s Pixar-less Toy Story sequel. Fox News columnist Roger Friedman states, “My sources in the animation biz tell me that Disney, which will make Toy Story 3 without Pixar, cannot find a director to guide the project.” As the source claims, “Every single animator of note has turned down the director’s job. They don’t want to cross Pixar. They’ve become the only deal in town.” Supposedly, an offer to direct has now been given to one of the assistant directors from The Lion King 1½. In addition, a writer has yet to be named to pen Toy Story 3’s script, which will be based on a story idea submitted by Jared Stern, a student in Disney’s feature animation story development program. Meanwhile, Disney faces the challenge of recreating the look from the first two Toy Story films, since Pixar still owns all the animation materials used in them. If that were not enough, the big question remains: Will Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return for the sequel? “The odds are that Hanks won’t, but that Allen — who’s made some successful family films at Disney — will,” says Friedman.