Variety [paid subscription required] is reporting that Kevin Spacey has signed on to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Superman Returns, adding that director Bryan Singer wanted Spacey early, but scheduling conflicts caused problems, and Kate Bosworth is in negotiations to play Lois Lane, adding that she was selected because of her chemistry with star Brandon Routh in screen tests, apparently beating out such actresses as Claire Danes, Linda Cardellini and Michelle Monaghan. Singer revealed plot details of the film, saying the film is a little like X-Men, how the mutants existed before that film began. Adding that the film is not an origin story, and that he did not want remake what Richard Donner did successfully in the original film, nor did he want tread to on the work that they are doing on Smallville. Continuing, by saying, “he is already part of the culture; he has left the planet. This is the story of his return.”