While browsing at The Internet Movie Database, it has been noticed that a few roles in some upcoming highly anticipated films have been cast. First up, it appears that Tony Teulan (the upcoming Great Raid) has landed the role of Rumplestiltskin in Shrek 3. Meanwhile, young actor Anthony Ghannam (Kronk’s New Groove) has been cast as the voice of Ronno in Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest, though it has yet to be revealed what part this character will play in Bambi’s growing up. Last but certainly not least is a bit of news that should be held strictly as a rumor until proven otherwise. According to the Clay Broadcast Network, via All Things Clay Aiken, pop superstar Clay Aiken will provide the singing voice of the leading male role in Disney’s Rapunzel Unbraided. Aiken’s previous effort for Disney was his rendition of the song “Proud of Your Boy”, in a music video provided for the Aladdin Platinum Edition DVD.