Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. announced today the the company is starting a brand-new animation division for the purpose of servicing and generating revenues from the entertainment, advertising and creative content producers market, Prime Zone indicates. The studio, located in Orlando, Florida, is ready to offer animation services like those used in the Shrek films and The Incredibles. “Because the cost of living in Florida is a lot less, we can attract talented animators at a lower cost which will enable us to challenge the biggest and the best companies for a piece of the animation revenue pie. Without a doubt we can offer movie studios and production companies in Los Angeles and New York the highest quality animation at a significant discount,” stated Joey DiFrancesco, Raven Moon’s CEO. In the meantime, Raven Moon is planning to produce four theatrical features: The Dino Bugs Movie, The Gina D & The Transistor Sisters Movie, The Mr. Bicycle Man Movie, and The Bobo Blocks Movie.