Though it’s dated at February 3rd, this article about the tech of Valiant has just appeared at HDTV Buyer Online. “Vanguard Animation was founded in 2002 by John H. Williams – the producer of Shrek, Shrek 2 and Valiant – with Valiant being the first of ten full-length animated features it has planned. Once financing was in place, pre-production started in L.A. in January 2003. The principal production was then shifted to Ealing Studios, West London, where Vanguard established Europe’s first purpose-built, digital CG production studio. Maya modeling, animation and camera layout began on September 15 2003, with all of the 3D assets completed on December 10, 2004.” Covering the film’s utilization of Maya and other software, it also reiterates that the theatrical release is still set for April 15th; odd, concerning the complete lack of promotion seen thus far.