mad (3k image)DreamWorks Animation SKG’s summer hit Madagascar comes out on DVD tomorrow and we have an advance look at some of the many bonus features packed onto the disc.

mad1 (49k image)
The 40-year old, ahem, Steve Carrell hosts a sneak peek at Over the Hedge.

mad2 (28k image)
There’s a whole music video for “I Like to Move It” which shows just about every character in the movie moving it.

mad3 (22k image)
The Whack the Foosas game.

mad4 (14k image)
It took me a long time to work up to this score.

mad5 (16k image)
The DVD even includes drawing lessons . . .

mad6 (15k image)
. . . and a trivia game . . .

mad7 (11k image)
. . . and a game where you match characters with their perfect dance partner . . .

mad8 (13k image)
. . . and a game about musical instruments . . .

mad9 (7k image)
. . . and a Star Wars reference . . . actually two Star Wars references but we are only showing one here.

The DVD also contains the short The Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper which everybody should’ve seen in the theaters with Wallace and Gromit, but if you didn’t, or even if you did, you can still catch it on this DVD.

mad11 (13k image)

mad12 (22k image)

mad13 (21k image)

mad14 (19k image)
What’s a cartoon without a good anvil gag?

And if all those bonus features weren’t enough the DVD also contains the movie.