After grossing a disappointing $37,760,080 domestically, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow flies into stores tomorrow. Still, despite a lackluster box office, the film garnered some rather good reviews, with the new one from IGN FilmForce certainly being no exception, as the website gives Sky Captain a fantastic score of 10/10. Meanwhile, the film’s DVD holds up nicely as well, according to the site, as its video receives a score of 9/10, its audio gets a score of 10/10, and its extras have a score of 8/10.

Fairing less positively with some critics is Mulan II, hitting stores next week. Coming Soon‘s “bottom line” on the movie is, “Mulan II isn’t as good as the first film, but kids will still enjoy it.” The site gives the DVD’s extras a score of 7/10, while the film itself has a score of 6/10.