As we reported over a year ago, MGM is to complement the release of the upcoming Steve Martin-led remake of The Pink Panther in theaters with the re-issue of the original Peter Sellers films on DVD. The five-film box set from last April leads the pack, with new individual releases of those titles as well, plus the DVD debuts of the Sellers-less Curse Of The Pink Panther and Son Of The Pink Panther. Missing in action is the Alan Arkin mis-fire Inspector Clouseau, while The Return Of The Pink Panther remains under rights to another company, though it was available on disc separately from Artisan and a new edition is on the way to coincide with these new releases, this time from Universal.

Also added to this mix is the region one debut of The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, which collects all 124 of David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng’s animated shorts made for theatrical and television distribution. The animated box set includes featurettes on the Pink Panther phenomenon, the making and style of the cartoons, plus a tribute to Freleng. For a limited time, the packaging will come with a “puffy vinyl” sleeve, complementing the Sellers feature film collection. To see an industry advertisement illustrating the releases, follow this link:

pink-dvds-sm (627k image)