Months before the film even hits theaters, print publication KidScreen Magazine confirms that Disney’s CGI comedy Chicken Little will come to DVD in March 2006, as part of a second promotional push. “Disney has a lot riding on CL and it might be the benchmark that determines whether the studio’s animation arm can go it alone,” says the magazine. “Disney isn’t leaving much to chace. Consumer Products has a raft of licenses on board targeting the three to seven set, hitting shelves in September. Disney CP is hoping that a lot of the merchandising connects with six to eleven years olds. Hasbro is betting on the appeal of its lead item, a singing plush that showcases the character’s moment of triumph in the film by belting out Queen’s We Are The Champions. And just as the film was created in-house, so was an upcoming video game from Buena Vista Games. CL is BVG’s first cross-platform global launch, with 17 levels and bonus features that introduce characters that didn’t make it into the movie. DCP has also scheduled preview events in LA and NYC for April and May figurine launches, the first time DCP has gone urban grassroots for a brand-new property. DCP intends to spice up its range around CL‘s March 2006 DVD rollout with new items created specifically for this second media coming”.

In related news, elsewhere in the magazine is an advertisement for Phil Nibbelink’s feature Romeo And Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss, a seals-in-the-North Pole set retelling of the classic story which sees Juliet “fake her death to be reunited with Romeo after her father gives her hand away in marriage to the monstrous elephant seal Prince”. No news on a release, but the notice indicates that the 90-minute movie has secured distribution with Marvista Entertainment.