lp.jpgAdmit it. You’re a Pixar geek! You put the DVD’s on the 42 inch TV so you can find all the hidden gags. You’ve read the book titles on Andy’s bookshelf. You’re clued in to A113. When wannabes try to tell you who Harryhausens restaurant is named after, you laugh at their feeble skills and ask them if they know Boo’s real name. Your personalized license plate is LZTYBRN. You know Mirage’s phone number and what it spells out. Maybe you even named your first born son after John Lasseter! This article is for you! Animated News has gone through the latest Cars trailer frame by frame to get you the gags you may have missed, some of which are revealed here for the first time (like the significance of the license plate on the right)!

This teaser trailer is available in high definition. Leave your thoughts and any additions or corrections in our forum!

As noted in our forum previously, the number on Lightning McQueen’s car is 95. It’s probably no coincidence that ’95 just happens to be the breakout year for Pixar when their very first feature film, Toy Story, was released! Both Toy Story and Cars are directed by John Lasseter.

Lightning McQueen wears “Lightyear” brand tires!

“Motion Doctor” decal on wheel. Motion Doctor was an animation program used to animate the Pixar shorts The Aventures of Andre and Wally B. and Luxo Jr.

Something else written on tire. “Sec”…?…”Gamma”…?

Lightning McQueen’s decals:

– “Lil’ Torquey Pistons”
– “Leak Less – Adult Drip Pans”
– “RPM”…?
– “Retread Tire Deodorant – Roll On”
– “Clutch-Aid”

Lightning McQueen’s decals:

– “Piston Cup”
– “Nitroade”…?
– “Mood”…Springs?
– “ReVolting”…?
– “Octane Gain Turbo Vitamins”
– “No Stall”
– “Vitoline – For”…older?…”active cars”
– “Gasprin – Hood Ache Relief”
– Creme Filled?…”Gask-its – The”…?
– “Easy Idle”…?

Lightning McQueen’s hood and rear bumper:

“Rust-eze – Medicated Bumper Ointment – Rear End Formula”

Blue Car’s wheel: “Dirt”…Track?…”Racer”

As Blue Car skids toward the ‘camera’, the video appears to be backwards!

Blue Car: a “Hornet”?

The licence plate number “51237” represents the date May 12, 1937 – the birthdate of George Carlin, who voices the Volkswagen Van.

Several cars hold signs and flags with the Ferrari shield.
The numbers “984673” appear on the jeep voiced by Paul Dooley. Any readers have thoughts on what this might mean, if anything?