03mica (24k image)The 90-minute CG movie X and I will be produced at the Bangalore-based Paprikaas Animation Studios (Pas) under the direction of Stanislao Pasqualini, an Italian director who has handled action movies. According to Pas president Srini R. Raghavan, the movie would be a major milestone for the nascent Indian animation industry. “We are doing the complete movie and not pieces and parts. It’s a serious film as opposed to cartoons. It’s about X, a sheep, humans and fleas that live off sheep. It is being produced for a premier studio in Europe, but I cannot disclose the name now. We will have the movie ready for release by October 2005,” he said. At a news conference earlier, Raghavan had said the project would have cost anywhere between $15-20 million if it were to be produced elsewhere. “We are producing it in India at 50 to 60 per cent of the cost.” The company’s 120-odd animation specialists are spread over three centres — Bangalore, Borgomanero, Italy, and Coraopolis (Pennsylvania) in the US.