“Accidentally in Love,” Counting Crow’s new song from Shrek 2, will hit radio airwaves on May 3, according to the group’s official website. The song’s music video will be an Access Hollywood “First Look” next Wednesday, May 5, with clips from the video premiering on the Monday and Tuesday (May 3 and 4) editions of the show. Counting Crows will be performing “Accidentally in Love” live on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 26, and on The Today Show summer concert series on May 28. Last but certainly not least, one can now hear the full version of “Accidentally in Love” on MSN, while the song is also available for download at Itunes.com. The Shrek 2 soundtrack will be available in stores on May 11. Visit the soundtrack’s official website to hear clips from all the album’s songs.

The official website for Shrek 2 has also been updated, now containing a quest that allows one to journey through Far, Far Away. The goal is to help Donkey become a noble steed by finding the secret ingredients that are hidden throughout the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Richard Roeper of the famous critic duo Ebert and Roeper expresses his excitement for Shrek 2, on the pair’s summer preview show. “Like everybody else,” Roper says he is “looking forward to Shrek 2.”