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You can view several new screenshots and promotional images from Disney’s upcoming hand-drawn animated comedy adventure The Three Musketeers, starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy, here:

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While working as a janitor, Mickey dreams of becoming a Musketeer.

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Captain Pete’s plan to kidnap the benevolent Princess Minnie, lock her away forever, and crown himself King.

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Goofy, Mickey, and Donald spoil Captain Pete’s final assault on Princess Minnie in a wacky, thrilling opera scene! In the process, the trio learns teamwork and the true meaning of “All for one and one for all.”

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Princess Minnie is serenaded by the Troubadour.

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Lady-In-Waiting Daisy (right) watches as Princess Minnie (left) yearns for true love, unaware of the evil plot to steal her throne.

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Cowardly Donald has trouble mustering the courage to be a musketeer, but Mickey won’t let him quit.

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