The IMDb is reporting that, in an upcoming episode of the long-running Fox show The Simpsons, a long-time character will reveal that he’s gay. “At the moment, many fans are betting the character in question will be Waylon Smithers – who works for evil nuclear tycoon Mr. Burns – but the show’s producers are refusing to confirm or deny who it is.”

The Simpsons Archive provides a short synopsis of the episode, with Marge Simpson’s sister, Patty Bouviers, set to be a possible red herring: “In case you didn’t notice, Patty had always indeed leaned towards homosexuality at times. In this episode, Patty falls for a local female golf pro. Springfield legalizes gay marriage, and Homer becomes a minister by registering online. This may spell an outing for the love-stricken Patty. However, be on the lookout for a possible twist ending.” This episode is likely set for the 16th season in autumn 2004, though no date (or title) has been disclosed yet.