cookcarsl (11k image) It’s been there a while, but we’ve only just picked up on it! Over at Disney’s Investor Relations webpage, you’ll find a wealth of business material and corporate documents, such as Annual Reports and such, including Studio head Dick Cook’s presentation (link will open a large PDF file!) for the recent Disney Investor Conference 2004, held in Florida. Most interesting is new art, logos and posters for upcoming Disney properties Chicken Little, The Incredibles, the Mary Poppins London stage production and the first showing of the logo for John Lasseter’s next, Pixar’s Cars!

Even more “interesting” is the fact that Disney Animation’s upcoming summer release Home On The Range is not only missing from the line up of “Key Releases”, but doesn’t seem to be referenced in the document at all! For those unable to download the presentation, the key images can be found here:

01-dis-studio (199k image)

02-princess-2 (219k image)

03-aniamtion (101k image)

04-incredibles (120k image)

05-chick-little (188k image)

06-cars-logo (81k image)

07-stage-sales (176k image)

08-popps-post (111k image)

09-keyrelease (148k image)