So big I don’t think there is a rod and reel combo big enough to pull this big boy in. Not only did Finding Nemo move up to the #8 World Wide Movie of all time slot, it did it with some style and a few extra bucks. If it can pull in another 40 million it will stay in the top 10 for a long while. But wait, Mr. Box Office Mojo, what is that following Nemo like a rabid Great White with the scent of blood up it’s nose? Return of the King has already moved up to #9 and it’s still pulling 10 million a weekend in the US alone. My Magic 8 Ball tells me that Return of the King will most likely move into the #2 spot and push the 1 billion dollar mark, maybe go beyond it, but I doubt it will will sink Cameron’s Titanic which stands at 1.8 billion!!!