Beginning September 18, FOX BOX unveils an all-new look, and a new lineup. Two new shows are the centerpiece of this season: One Piece and Nintendo’s F-Zero — GP Legend. Check out the new program schedule and details on these two new shows, here:

NEW PROGRAM SCHEDULE (Effective September 18, 2004):

8:00AM ET – CRAMP TWINS (All-New Episodes)
8:30AM ET – WINX CLUB (All-New Episodes)
9:00AM ET – SONIC X (All-New Episodes)
9:30AM ET – ONE PIECE (Series Premiere)
10:30AM ET – F-ZERO – GP LEGEND (Series Premiere)
11:00AM ET – KIRBY: RIGHT BACK AT YA! (All-New Episodes)
11:30AM ET – SHAMAN KING (All-New Episodes)

As a young boy in a small port village, Monkey D. Luffy was inspired to become a pirate by his childhood hero “Red-Haired” Shanks. But when he accidentally ate the cursed Gum-Gum Fruit, he gained the power to stretch like rubber … at the cost of never being able to swim again! Despite this limitation, Luffy vowed to grow up to become the king of the pirates, and find the greatest pirate treasure of all — the pirate Gold Roger’s legendary “One Piece.”

The Race To End All Races: Nintendo’s F-ZERO — GP LEGEND is revved up and ready! The year is 2201 and across the universe rabid fans flock to F-Zero tracks everywhere. The prizes are enormous, and the stakes are even higher when the outlaws compete to win – at any cost! Rick Wheeler is both cop and racer, frozen for 150 years after a fatal car accident. He’s brought back to life by Jody Summer, leader of the Elite Mobile Task Force, a team of high-risk racers driven by a need for speed and a thirst for victory. Their mission: To win F-Zero races and keep the prize money out of evil hands, defeat the menacing Black Shadow and bring peace to the entire galaxy.