Zap2it (warning: mature content), has a update on NBC’s upcoming CGI sitcom from DreamWorks Animation, Father Of The Pride. NBC recently screened an early episode of the show to television critics and the result was a room filled with laughter, interesting considering the negative reaction to clips of the show at a NBC sales presentation. The article notes that the series is definitely not for children, despite it’s Shrek-like visuals. DreamWorks co-founder and executive producer of Pride, Jeffrey Katzenberg, explains that NBC schedueled the show in its nine o’clock time slot to specifically ensure that the viewing audience, especially parents, would not be confused, and applauds NBC for scheduling it at that time. Katzenberg states that the show is not for children and intended for the ages 18-49. The show will air on Tuesdays at 9 starting in the August 31. Be aware that the Zap2it article contains some mature content.