Reuters indicates that in a small conference with Deutsche Bank investors, from Disney’s Burbank headquarters, Disney CEO Michael Eisner stated, “We are reducing our investment in our film businesses.” According to Disney President and COO Bob Iger, “If we are going to invest money on entertainment, I think there are better ways to spend than live action.” Nonetheless, Iger added, “We have some high-ticket [big budget] items we feel good about. How many we make is definitely an issue to us.” The announcement should likely be no large surprise, considering Disney’s recent string of expensive flops, including The Alamo, Hidalgo, and Around the World in 80 Days. “We would like to spend less, be more focused, spend more on Disney-branded properties and what I call ‘franchise model pictures’ like Pirates of the Caribbean,” noted Iger. The executives admitted that the decision to cut back on live-action films could also affect their partnership with Miramax heads Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who will probably balk at any cutbacks. “There’s got to be some give here and there,” Iger said, “and that is sort of where the rubber might meet the road in terms of any future relationship.”