040914_alias_drawing_hmed.hmedium (6k image)MSNBC reports that, following a recent trend, the tv show Alias is getting the animation treatment. The season three DVD of the show will include a seven-minute animated short called Animated Alias. The live-action cartoon trend started with The Animatrix,a series of animated shorts that ranged from realistic computer graphics to moody Japanese anime — telling side stories from The Matrix and adding to the plot of the Matrix sequels by detailing supporting characters and providing background history of how the Earth became dominated by machines. Most recently, Peter Chung directed Dark Fury, a 40-minute cartoon that connects the Vin Diesel sci-fi action flick The Chronicles of Riddick with its predecessor Pitch Black. Even Wesley Snipes’ upcoming vampire hunter flick Blade: Trinity is jumping on the animated bandwagon, with a three-minute cartoon now in production to be released as a DVD this November. “The take is just Blade and (rapper) RZA kicking butt on a bunch of vampires. … It’s a real good excuse to have a lot of fun,” says Brandon Schultz, president of ImajiMation Studios, who is producing the short. “We got vampires with gold fangs!”