USA Today has a sneak peak at DreamWorks’ upcoming film The Penguins of Madagascar. The piece features a few stills from the film, new info on the voice cast, quotes from the actors, and some plot details. The new cast include Benedict Cumberbatch (as a “good-looking and debonair secret agent” wolf named Classified who heads a covert protective force of animals), John Malkovich (as the “disgruntled octopus Octavius Brine, who also goes by ‘Dave’ and is on a quest to wipe out” all penguins), Ken Jeong (as an explosives expert seal named Short Fuse), Annet Mahendru (as a snow owl named Eva, who’s an “intelligence analyst with a Russian accent who’s the object of Kowalski’s affections”), and Peter Stormare (as a “hulking Norwegian bear Corporal who constantly wants to embrace his four new bird friends”). The film is set to open November 26th, and is directed by Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell.

In other Penguin news, Moviefone has launched a search for a new Mr./Ms. Moviefone voice and Skipper has apparently sent in his audition, which you can watch here: