Froagain1It’s been on store shelves in the states since March, but Frozen is still playing on the big screen in Japan, where it has been the number one movie in the country for fourteen straight weekends, Box Office Mojo is reporting. The Japan Times explains that one of the reasons its found such great success there was Disney’s decision to market the movie to adult women as opposed to just kids. “Unlike in the United States and other nations, we deviated from the strategy of catering to families and specifically targeted Japanese women, who have the power to spur consumption and create a fad,” Tami Ihara, executive marketing director at Walt Disney Company in Japan, said. “Women who are in their 30s and now mothers are the generation that watched Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid as children, and they spend money on Disney for themselves, and not necessarily for their children.” Titled Anna and the Snow Queen in Japan, it is now the country’s third highest grossing movie of all time.