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Morgan and Chelsea are flying solo as they discuss DisneyToon Studios’ first installment in the Tinker Bell franchise–Tinker Bell (the one with the green cover)! Join the fun as they discuss Tinker Bell’s origins and first movie!


• Where’s the news?

• Main Discussion: Tinker Bell.

• Movie’s origins and general thoughts.

• The history and evolution of Tinker Bell; what’s a tinker? (Buy the book Tinker Bell: An Evolution on Amazon.com)

• The music, celtic feeling, birth of fairies, Tinker Bell’s “power”.

• Tinker fairies = the nerds; all the groups had “cool girl” representatives except for the Tinkers.

Monsters University and Tinker Bell breaking canon.

• Vidia = superstar, brat fairy.

• Is fairy romance a thing?

• Recommended awesome podcast tangent: Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen; he voices everything (Bubble, Yakko, Pinky, PJ) , you can’t un-hear him.

• What kind of fairy would you be?

• Tinker Bell creates her iconic green tube top dress.

• Terrance–the token guy fairy–played by Jesse McCartney.

• Tinkers don’t go to the mainland; spring fairy musicians; Queen has bad form & bad leadership skills.

• Audible rant (Queen Clarion needs to read these book)

• Moral of specialization and industrialization.

• Morgan’s professional voice actor rant.

• Final thoughts: great story, love the origin story, went in wanting to hate it but secretly wanting to love it.

• Check out Hypable’s new podcast Hype, great place to hear news for what’s hip and awesome in the world.