Earlier this year Dolby announced a new sound system for theatres, called Atmos, that provide for 128 different sound “objects” to play at any given time. The more major advance from the audience perspective is the ability to have sound come from above with ceiling mounted speakers. (The Verge has more technical details on the system.)

Pixar’s Brave became the first new film to debut it, with the specially mixed Atmos sound track being played at the premiere at the Dolby Theatre yesterday. Entertainment Weekly was there. And while they think the sound was impressive and immersive, they were mostly distracted by the actual film itself.

To find out more about Atmos watch the following Soundworks Vimeo video and then check out this Hollywood Reporter story to see if the system is coming to a theatre near you.

SoundWorks Collection: The Making of Dolby Atmos from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.