upVariety reports that Disney/Pixar’s 3D feature Up is likely to become the second highest grossing Pixar film at the domestic box office after Finding Nemo. After less than a month at the multiplexes, Up‘s domestic gross was $187.4 million, the second best of any summer film to date. The article further adds that Up will soon surpass the $206.4 million grossed by Pixar’s Ratatouille in summer 2007, and the $223.8 million grossed domestically by Pixar’s “Wall-E” last summer. Finding Nemo, which grossed $339.7 million domestically in 2003 is the biggest Pixar grosses till date. Next best is The Incredibles at $261.4 million. The article also suggests how 3D runs can boost a film performance at box-office through higher ticket prices. Up‘s 3D runs make up only 40% of the total screen count, yet they contribute 60% of the gross.