London’s Andersen M Studio has just completed work on a stop-motion animation spot for the New Zealand Book Council, the company’s Creative Director Martin Andersen has announced. More information and the spot can be seen here:

Advertising agency Colenso BBDO commissioned Andersen M to create a beautiful, surreal and hand crafted stop-frame animation for the New Zealand Book Council. An animation that would visually describe an extract taken from the novel Going West by acclaimed author Maurice Gee.

The entire film is handmade, using only 10A scalpel blades and paper. It was photographed on 2 SLR cameras and lit using Dedo lights.

The spot is currently being shown as a national cinema commercial in New Zealand. It has also been released on DVD with a promotional pack for the upcoming NZ film Under The Mountain and is being used as a viral for New Zealand Book Council members and customers.

CREDITS: Going West
Stop-frame animation by Andersen M Studio

Design and Animation:
Line Andersen

Photography and Lighting:
Martin Andersen

Sound Design:
Mikkel H. Eriksen / Instrument Studio

Commissioned by Colenso BBDO for The New Zealand Book Council. More at Andersen M Studio’s website.