toshio2.jpgGhibliWorld has posted an English summary of a Toshio Suzuki interview which appeared in the March edition of the Japanese magazine Cut. In the exclusive interview, Suzuki reveals more details about the story and history of Miyazaki Hayao’s new film Ponyo on a Cliff. According to Suzuki, Miyazaki’s hand-drawn feature Ponyo on a Cliff tells the tale of a 5-year old boy who finds a little fish, Ponyo, washed ashore. Direct link to the interview can be found here.

In addition to this, GhibliWorld also shares some information on a new film by Isao Takahata. According to Toshio Suzuki, Takahata’s new film would be based on a Japanese lullaby. Takahata is known for directing Ghibli films such as Grave of the Fireflies, Pom Poko, My Neighbors the Yamadas and Only Yesterday.