Freddie Highmore told SCI FI Wire he just completed the final voice work for two more Arthur and the Minimoys films, inspired by the popular children’s fantasy books of Luc Besson. The 16-year-old British actor completed filming two sequels to the 2006 film more than a year ago and had to finish the looping for both films before his voice changed too drastically.Arthur and the Vengeance of the Maltazard is scheduled for release in 2009 and Arthur and the Two Worlds War is expected to come out in 2010. “We just finished the ADR session the other day. Half of this is live action, while half of it is 3-D animation. It’s going to take a while before it is released.” The story follows a 10-year-old boy named Arthur who befriends tiny creatures called Minimoys, who are no larger than a tooth. The first film, with an estimated $86 million budget, took in $113 million worldwide, but did a disappointing $15 million domestically at the box office.