logopixar.jpgUpcoming Pixar points to three interviews with high-profile Pixarians. The first interview is a Newsarama.com one with John Lasseter, focusing on Pixar Short Film Collection: Volume 1, WALL-E, Disney animation and a few other topics as well. The second one is a Q&A with Brad Bird promoting the release of Ratatouille on DVD and Blu-Ray. This long piece at Home Theater Forum is split into three parts and can be accessed here, here and here. The third and last interview is a Spline Doctors podcast with Ed Catmull.

In addition, Upcoming Pixar also links to the Cartoon Brew review of the book To Infinity and Beyond!: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios.

Lastly, DVD Times have posted their review of the Pixar Short Film Collection: Volume 1 DVD. The assessment is, “It’s just a minor shame that consumers will have to pony up the same price they would for a full-length feature loaded with special features. Unless you have to have the supplements and the shorts missing from other DVD releases, Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1 adds up to a great release that’s disappointingly unnecessary and overpriced for most Pixar fans.”