totoro.jpgGhibliWorld has posted the pictures of the Gedo Senki DVD which was released in Japan on July 4th as a 4-disc edition and a 2-disc set. As reported earlier, these DVDs are English subtitled. The website also reports that on September 17th, a Limited Edition DVD Boxset of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated classic My Neighbor Totoro will be released in Germany. Along with other features, the bonus disc of the set also boasts an unpublished making-of the film. This collector’s boxset will be limited to 10,000 pieces only and will not include English subtitles. In addition to this, the website reports that the recently released Japanese dvd of Gedo Senki(Tales From Earthsea) includes an English dub featuring the voices of artists such as Timothy Dalton and Willem Dafoe. The website also gives the news that a limited release of Tales From Earthsea, both in subbed and dubbed formats, will take place in the UK later this year.