Kathryn Beaumont (left), Margaret Kerry (right)Animated Views presents the article “Beaumont and Kerry: Peter Pan‘s Leading Ladies,” featuring thoughts from Wendy’s vocal artist Kathryn Beaumont and Tinker Bell’s live-action reference Margaret Kerry. Both lovely ladies share their memories of how they came to work on Pan, while also shedding light on the actions each job required. Likewise, Beaumont and Kerry fondly recall their interactions with Walt Disney, expanding upon the Old Maestro’s compassion and friendliness.

Concurrently, Animated Views also reviews the Peter Pan Platinum Edition DVD. While referring to the film itself as his “favorite Walt Disney animated picture,” critic Ben Simon finds the DVD’s supplements disappointing. He writes, “Certainly not an improvement on the Special Edition in terms of picture quality; the handful of additional extras may tempt some, but this Peter Pan is no essential upgrade.”