Chicken Little DVD: better extras waiting for Blu-Ray?

DVD Toons adds to the growing amount of {{link Chicken Little reviews}} with their usual in-depth approach, saying that the sparse disc, released this Tuesday, reminds of the initial “Lilo And Stitch, which got a little more than this first time out and is itself due for a two-disc reissue. Should you hold off [for the eventual Little double dip]? Well, rumors have pointed to Christmas, but then we have been waiting for that Lilo And Stitch set for a good couple of years now”. The piece also speculates that the film’s lacklustre DVD package – “no DTS audio, a lack of commentary or extensive documentary, plain packaging, etc – all adds up to a disc that’s bound to be replaced at some point with a special edition”, remarking that these “missing features could be the film’s eventual Blu-Ray debut pulling power”.