With a low count of reviews online covering the recent re-issue of Don Bluth’s first Fox Animation feature Anastasia, DVD Toons has stepped in with a {{link http://www.dvdtoons.com/reviews/501 full review of the 2-disc set}} and places it on par with the Disney Platinum Edition line. “With this Family Fun set, Fox certainly have pulled one out of the bag and thrown a bit of money towards it, minting a healthy 44-minute documentary as good any on the Platinums (featuring liberal amounts of production footage and presented in anamorphic widescreen, no less!), a superior commentary that’s an enjoyable and intelligent chat, tons of promotional material including trailers, Aaliyah’s music video and multi-language song versions. An entire second feature [the complete Bartok The Magnificent direct-to-video spin-off, for what that’s worth] means a solid double-disc experience topped off with a low-list price that’s a steal and a terrific transfer of the original feature film. One highlight is the clip that captured Meg Ryan’s participation in the film, and a much more appealing version of the character she is in this test. While not quite as self-assured as late 90s Disney, Anastasia works for the audience it has its eye on. Overall it was a return to form for Bluth [and] this disc comes just at the right time to remind that he got it right here, and deserves to be let loose on another feature – and soon!”