Better late than never! Shark Tale, which received a lack of online reviews even though it shifted a record number of units, has finally been added to the DVD Toons database. In an in-depth review, the site says that “On the surface of things (and make no mistake…Shark Tale is ALL about surface, despite being set underwater), the film is enjoyable enough, though the sheer aggressiveness of the very commercially-minded comedy sat a little uneasily. It’s not all bad: the animation is DWs’ usual brand of attention to detail and plenty of brash color, all of which is well animated for the most part. Though it’s technically competent, the sometimes crude tone leaves the film a little bit of an enigma, and it’s not a truly essential catch for your collections, even if the disc is packed with enough information for animation fans and fun for kids without going overboard with features, the funniest being a couple of minutes of technical goofs”. The Shark Tale DVD is available now.