DVD Exclusive has the low down on a number of animation related stories today, First up is news that, on the heels of its foray into 3D computer animation last year with DVD premiere Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas, DisneyToon Studios is ramping up production of several more CG DVDs, including an indication that the previously announced The Tinkerbell Movie, due in 2007, is one of these. In related news, John Lowry, whose company is handling Disney’s new frame-by-frame digital restorations, speaks about high-definition DVD and says he has picked Sony’s Blu-Ray format as the one of choice due to storage space. However, the level of detail we can expect has yet to be decided, and could cause problems with the amount of interactivity the new discs are expected to deliver. Back to regular DVD now, and the extras for Disney’s Herbie: Fully Loaded disc are starting to take shape, with this profile concentrating on one NASCAR racing tutorial featurette. Finally, here’s a look at what to expect from related DVD events at ComicCon this year.