Peter_Beagle (5k image)Industry 411 notes that the author of the classic Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle, is in need of assistance regarding his taking Granada Media to court. Beagle’s business manager says that despite attempts to settle the matter, the author still has not received his share of the profits obtained from the novel’s animated film adaption, which has raked in an impressive amount from worldwide DVD and VHS sales, along with cable and satellite deals. At the present time, Beagle’s finances are being used to care for his elderly mother, thus making him unable to take his case to court. As numerous websites have been requesting help for the author, actors Christopher Lee and Rene Auberjenois, both of whom lended their voices for The Last Unicorn, have also offered aid. Anyone else who is interested in learning more about the case or how to help may do so by visiting the official website for Colan Press.