With nothing but good words for Disney’s Bambi: Platinum Edition – out in stores today – DVD Toons says that the film really does “deserve the accolade of ‘masterpiece’. One of Walt Disney’s defining moments, Bambi is the film that has delighted – and frightened – generations. The closest Walt ever got to balancing the mix between art and mass-audience pleasing narrative structure, it can be argued that it was the last of the truly Golden Age feature films to emerge from the Disney Studio. Though this 2-disc set might not live up to Platinum expectations, the Story Meetings ‘commentary’ really should put an end to any complaints – it is an outstanding contribution and possibly the best feature ever witnessed on a Disney DVD. Brilliant!”

Also recently added to the site is a look at the latest Disney direct-to-video feature, Mulan II. “With a longer run time, the characters get a better shot at development, though certainly bowing to the sequel law of diminishing returns”, says DVD Toons. “Animation-wise, Mulan II easily aces such duds as Cinderella II, but is a rather insipid film that is perhaps so weak that it does not have the power to tarnish the original. A couple of nice moments and a score that confirms Joel McNeely really should be getting better gigs, and audiences will find that it fills a gap no-one really knew was there to begin with”.

Both Mulan II and the Bambi: Platinum Edition DVDs are in stores now!