cinda (2k image)Today marks the Region 1 release of Disney’s Cinderella for the first time on DVD. It appears as the sixth in a line of Platinum Editions of the most cherished movies from The Walt Disney Studios. Animated News reporter Christian Ziebarth has previewed the contents and put together a random sampling of some of its many features.

cind1a (13k image)
From the deleted scene “Dancing On A Cloud.”

cind2a (11k image) cind3a (11k image)
The disc is loaded with Mary Blair art.

cind4a (11k image)
“Live action” mice reference.

cind6a (19k image)
Visual development art.

cind5a (44k image)

cind8a (3k image)
A teaser for the 2007 release of Cinderella III is included but no new footage is shown.

cind7a (26k image)
The “Middle-aged Mob” discuss the Nine Old Men. This still is from a 22-minute bonus feature with Don Hahn, John Musker, Ron Clements, Mark Henn, Brad Bird, Andreas Deja, and Glen Keane gathered at The Tam O’Shanter Inn and sitting at Walt’s favorite table there to discuss the impact the work of the Nine Old Men has had on them.

cind9a (28k image)
Perhaps the oddest feature is a collection of clips of great moments in sports history that qualify as “Cinderella stories.” Only thing missing is the infamous Bill Murray golfing scene from Caddyshack.

cind10a (26k image)
There’s also a preview of the February 2006 Bambi sequel (which on several very recent Disney DVDs was referred to as Bambi II but is referred to on this disc as Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest). The preview is not a “trailer” per se, but a full, straightforward 2-minute clip from the movie with Thumper trying to escape his sisters.