Walt's Dreaming Tree – grow your own!

Ken Roberts, Marketing Director of {{link http://www.historictrees.org American Forests’ Historic Tree Nursery}} has written in to let us know that “Walt (and Roy) Disney’s beloved Dreaming Tree is still standing and thriving in Marceline, Missouri. And even better, actual direct-offspring saplings of this very tree are {{link http://www.historictrees.org/products/productInformation.asp?product_id=1907 now available from us}}”. The young Walt loved to ramble through the fields surrounding Marceline, and it is widely believed it was his childhood days that later inspired the nostalgic Main Street in Disneyland. An old cottonwood tree became a favorite spot, and Walt called it his Dreaming Tree, spending hours under its branches where he would observe the whole of nature. He would come back to visit Marceline throughout his life and would spend a few hours alone with the tree to reflect and plan further dreams.