Mulan DVD worth the double dip

On the eve of its release, DVD Toons takes a look at Disney’s second big October release, {{link Mulan: Special Edition}}, and finds the set worthy of upgrade. “All in all, the non-appearance of a redundant full-frame version has meant the filling of the discs with more original content”, says the review. “A solid return to the informatively packed disc sets we used to associate with Disney, this disc complements the film nicely, places it in context, and reveals some fascinating stuff on its making along the way. And who could ask for more than that?”

Also new on the site are reviews of Pioneer’s rare and collectible tin edition of Katsuhiro Otomo’s {{link Akira}} and a new limited edition disc that compiles all of {{link The Complete Adventures Of Cubby Bear}}, a long lost cartoon character created by the Van Beuren Studio.