Following their review of Mickey Mouse In Living Color 2, DVD Toons returns with a look at another in the new series of Walt Disney Treasures, and the kudos continue to pour in with TomorrowLand: Disney In Space And Beyond. “There are some great [Ward Kimball-directed] episodes on these two discs, and they really reflect how Disney felt about the future and his optimism towards it,” says Rodney Figueiredo. “It is interesting to see how many of the predictions came true [and] it is great to finally have his vision for the future in such a great set”. Over at Ultimate Disney, they take an in-depth look at On The Front Lines, perhaps the most anticipated of the new discs. The review states that the set “displays a great care and attention that went into its production. Think World War II through Disney cartoons and you have an interesting concept executed with the highest quality”. The four new Disney Treasures (including a Donald Duck collection) are due May 18.