Don’t forget that today you can bring Disney’s last – for now – traditionally animated film home on video. DVD Toons looks at the disc and is pleased with the supplements on offer: “A single disc doesn’t mean that it’s not pretty packed, with a couple of real surprises! Perhaps the best and meatiest of the features, a full-length Audio Commentary, isn’t even mentioned anywhere on the packaging! Nevertheless, this is where fans should go first, with the three participants explaining where the many story changes took place, as well as how they wanted to get away from the ‘pretentious’ recent animated features. The film offers some fast-paced fun in an economically told fashion, and while it’s not quite top-drawer Disney, there’s no doubting the sheer professionalism on show. Don’t be led to thinking that it’s a misfire – Home On The Range is still a pretty sharp shooter, coupled with a fine disc treatment that admirably covers the basics in terms of what an expanded set would have done (and saves us a redundant full-screen transfer that would have undoubtedly filled much of that space), with extras that are enlightening, surprisingly in-depth and filled with a lot of entertainment”.