Looney historian on two of Disney's legends

{{link http://www.michaelbarrier.com Michael Barrier}}, the author of {{link http://www.michaelbarrier.com/books.htm Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation In Its Golden Age}} and a commentary contributor to the new Looney Tunes DVD, offers up his interpretation of long-time Disney artist and imagineer John Hench’s book {{link http://www.michaelbarrier.com/Commentary/Hench/Hench.htm Designing Disney: Imagineering and the Art Of The Show}}. Hench was also recently responsible for helping Roy Disney complete the Destino short, which he had started with Walt and Salvador Dali in 1946.

Barrier’s site also contains an artcle on another animator from Disney’s Golden Age, an in-depth interview with {{link http://www.michaelbarrier.com/Interviews/Babbitt/interview_art_babbitt.htm Art Babbit}}, who animated on a number of the classic shorts and features, and was most responsible for shaping the character of Goofy. All are great reads!