Animated Views' 2018 Oscar Contest
Tie-Breaker Rules

Only the first 22 categories on the ballot will count towards your score. In the event one or more contestants tie for the most correct picks in those categories the following tie-breakers will be applied in order until we have a single winner. Our determination of the winner will be final.

Tie-breaker 1: In the event of a tie, whichever contestant got the most animation related categories (defined here as Best Animated Feature, Best Animated Short, and Best Visual Effects) correct is the winner.

Tie-breaker 2: If there is still a tie, of the contestants remaining whichever contestant correctly picked both the Documentary Short and Live Action Short categories is the winner. If no one correctly picks both, whichever contestant correctly picked either one of them is the winner.

Tie-breaker 3: If there is still a tie, a random drawing of the remaining contestants will determine the prize winner.